About the Restaurant

Sakura Asian Express

Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese Food.  If you are thinking of eating something Asian, Sakura Asian Express is a one stop restaurant that will be the answer to your Asian flavors craving.

Why eat with us?  Our flavors are authentic.  All our sauces are made from scratch from original homemade recipes.

Sakura Express was founded by Ms. Tiffany Cheong, who is originally from Malaysia.  Tiffany developed an interest in cooking at a very young age.  She especially loved learning and preparing recipes in her grandmother’s kitchen.

Over the years, Tiffany traveled throughout Southeast Asia, to places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan.  Each place she visited, she engaged with the people and tried their foods.  It was these experiences that gave her the idea to bring these authentic Southeast Asian foods into a restaurant of her own someday.

After many years of dreaming and preparing, Tiffany’s passion has finally been fulfilled, and Sakura Express became a reality.  Tiffany sincerely hopes that everyone will enjoy the outstanding and original Southeast Asian food that is now in Greenville.

This is what our clients have to say

Every dish is handcrafted at the time of order. I’ve tried almost everything on their menu and I love it all. Dishes you can’t get anywhere else because the owner makes them from scratch. The portions are large so you always have leftovers which makes it a fantastic value. And you don’t have to cook for 2 meals 🙂
Eric Reifschneider

(2016, Google Reviews)

Very authentic Asian cuisines (I’m from Asia). My favorite dishes are: Fried Tofu, Singapore Curry Noodle Soup, Stir Fried Malaysian Flat Noodles, and Lemon Grass Chicken. I haven’t gone over spicy level 4 yet – it’s hot.
Telly Ipock

(May 5 2016, Google Reviews)

Most authentic Asian food I’ve ever tasted. Always very fresh and flavorful menu choices. My favorites are the Bun, Curry Noodle Soup, Pho, Kimchee Fried Rice, Lemongrass Chicken or the Chap Chae. Hell…..its all good. Can’t go wrong with ant choice!!
Michael H

(April 26, 2016 Yelp)

This place is a gem. You wouldn’t even know it passing by on the road but you have to stop in here! I’ve never been to Asia but according to many people, this food is authentic. I wouldn’t be able to judge that aspect but I promise it’s amazing! Bi bam bap is my favorite, it’s literally the most flavorful dish I’ve ordered in any restaurant. The portions are very large (in a good way) and the staff is always friendly. I also love the variety from thai to Korean, you can literally eat your way through Asia right here in Greenville.
Allie Savino

(2016 Google Reviews)

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